The first signature gin “Wally” is handcrafted using an exquisite blend of ten botanicals.

Our Story

I love my family and when my husband who’s grandparents were sheep farmers decided he wanted to buy a farm I was supportive and along with our twins we moved to a beautiful little village, Torphichen which was near our hometown of Bathgate. We then started the hard work of building our flock and getting stuck into farming life.

If you know nothing about sheep they are interesting animals and as you can see from my bottle not my favourite animals on the planet. I do love the countryside and our little friendly village, the freedom my kids have to explore and enjoy being outdoors but I needed something …….so GIN seemed the perfect thing after 18 months and lots of research and testing on my homemade still with friends and family. I created the basic recipe and with help from my friend Katie we have created an amazing gin.

This will hopefully be a journey that you can join me on and with each batch, I will get closer to fulfilling the distillery dream.

Throughout the year I will be organising events, from Gin Afternoon teas on buses around Edinburgh and Glasgow, to meet the maker shows and Gin tasting evenings.